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Cleo is the cat-heroine of this book. She was born in Málaga, traveled through Europe with her adoptive father, and now lives in Antwerp.


Cleo is 8 years old, speaks Spanish, understands Dutch, French, Russian, and dog language.


CLEO narrates the life and adventures of Cleo the cat: domestic issues, human relations, travels, encounters with dogs, mice and other cats, visits to the vet, adventures on the street, and lastly, her participation in the Cat Beauty Contest of Antwerp 2021.


CLEO is at the same time a book to enjoy with its reading and illustrations; a help book on how to live with a cat, understand it and be happy with it; and an instrument for learning two languages, as it is a bilingual book in which the original Spanish is read on each even page, and the English translation on each odd page.

For children, adults and catlovers!

Hardcover, 192 pages

Translation into English: Allan Brown

Illustrations: Ekaterina Muratova



Fiscal Celestial Publisher

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