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Javier del Pino Romero



We are a young Spanish publishing house based in Antwerp (Belgium) dedicated to publishing bilingual books for children and adults.


Our objectives are:


- The promotion of reading,

- The promotion of the Spanish language, and

- To contribute to the education in social values of children as far as we can,

- To support the care and maintenance of cats that have been abandoned, mistreated or are waiting for an adoptive family to find them in a shelter.


To this end we make donations to:


- Children in hospitals,

- Children who are underprivileged or in a situation of vulnerability for any reason,

- Children and adults who live in a foreign country and whose main language is different from the official language of the country in which they live, and who really make an effort to learn the language of the host country,

- Cat shelters so that the proceeds from its sale contribute to the costs of care and maintenance of the cats.


We try to finance our donations by selling copies of our books in the commercial circuit.


Our first book, CLEO, published in 4 versions, Spanish-French, Spanish-Dutch, Spanish-English and Spanish-Russian, is for sale on the publisher's website ( and is distributed in bookshops in Flanders, the Netherlands and Spain.

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